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The Basics — Players Guide

A quick look at playing in the Xintian Legacy system.

The Hex is the basic elemental array the dominates and defines life on Xin.
Character Creation and the Character Sheet – Getting started in Xintian Legacy
Conflict Resolution – Probabilities, and the intricacies of bonus value.

Compendia Xinti

A staggering summation of all Xintian knowledge.

  • Astral Almanac – Observations on the Xin’s celestial brethren and their consequences.
  • Encyclopedia Mathemagika – The abstract mechanics that keep Xin spinning, both physical and metaphysical.
  • Encyclopedia Viventia – A thorough investigation into the much and sundry forms of life that dwell upon this vibrant world.
  • Historia Burgher – The rough history of Xin’s major peoples and powers.
  • Pr├ęcis Politikos – The complex characteristics and relationships of Xin’s various commonwealths, free states and other political bodies.

Main Page

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