Character Creation

First and formost, Xintian Legacy is a meant to be easy to learn and quick to get into. Though there is plenty of room for the depth and complexity that more experienced players might be looking for, it is intended as a “crunch lite” sort of system that makes learning the game or playing indirectly (online or while travelling, for example) easier than some more popular systems.

Conflict Resolution and the Character Sheet

With that in mind, it is centered around a simple “Trait roll + Skill bonus vs Test Number (TN)” type system. Characters are mainly defined by their Grid, a 3 by 3 array that describes your character’s basic capabilities. Each row and column represents an abstract characteristic and is assigned a die type, starting at d4 and being improved thru character development. The resulting 9 Traits are the sum of their corresponding row and column, and are what you actually roll to overcome challenges.

Building a character, and getting started.

Character Creation

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